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物理 中英
Model of Cyclic Universe – Closed Universe
In the early 20th century, the astronomer Hubble got a fundamental finding that the spectral lines of all galaxies had a red shift, therefore he inferred that according to the Doppler Effect, all galaxies were getting away from us. After a comparison of distances and quantities red shifts, he found that the farther a galaxy is, the faster it is traveling away from us. The conclusion was the universe is still expanding.
According to the new ether hypothesis, the black hole is the extreme form of evolution of ether density that was just a quark at the beginning. The quark forms matters, which are relatively dense at the early stage of the cosmic expansion, creating super massive stars that are beyond our imagination. In their aging process, they collapse inward due to their excessively large mass (supernova explosion). Pulsars, neutron stars and quark stars are then created based on their mass. When the mass reaches a certain value, a black hole is created, which eliminates the wavy nucleus of matters and compresses the basic corpuscle directly into the smallest form, just like the “liquid” state of air. Its strong gravitation attracts the surrounding ether and planets to collapse toward it, creating the disc-shaped structure of a galaxy. When planets are close to the black hole, their material structures are torn up creating a strange centripetal nuclear fission. Matters are recovered to the wave state (radiation) and absorbed by the black hole like stripping a cocoon (therefore, all electromagnetic waves directed to it are absorbed directly, other than being reflected and observed). This can be called centripetal radiation. The planets in the galaxy have not been swallowed by the black hole quickly because the intensity of the gravitation is inversely proportional to velocity. The mighty power of the gravitation of the black hole is reflected more in the gravitational differential pressure, otherwise the explosion intensity arising from the collision of two galaxies will by far be higher than that of the known supernova explosion and will become another astronomical figure, and its power will affect the stability of adjacent galaxy clusters. When matters are torn up into electromagnetic waves, a small part of the disordered radiation runs away from the black hole and can be observed (when a galaxy is observed laterally, the halo at the center of the galaxy and its axial radiation can be seen). There is no black hole at the center of a globular star cluster where there is possibly a massive star or quark star that has surrounding planets approaching one another due to the gravitation.

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