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物理 中英
Matter and Universal Gravitation
Similar to the principle of the gravitational field, when basic corpuscles on the propagation path of a light wave are stressed, their space will decrease and their energy level will increase – namely the light path collapse, and the surrounding ether will approach the basic corpuscles with a higher energy level and a smaller volume on the path, producing a transient gravitation, namely a gravitational disturbance. When the energy level of such basic corpuscles with a higher energy level and a smaller volume is maintained, they will maintain a continuous gravitation to the surrounding ether. This is the rationale behind universal gravitation. This indicates that bright matters are combined from basic corpuscles with energy level maintained. As another bold hypothesis, the quark is created by curling a train of longitudinal quantum waves, in which the quantum waves are connected end to end, forming a closed recurring wave ring, namely a complete chain running in a distorted manner that is similar to the human DNA spiral structure. This is a special form of “stationary wave” that submit a continuous gravitation force to the surrounding ether. Thus, a quark is born. If there are similar quarks around, they will be held together closely when contesting for the ether space among them, that is without the presence of “gluon”. The short-range force that holds them together closely is the strong nuclear force, and the universal gravitation is its extension. They have different characteristics due to frequency differences, such as up quarks and down quarks, and are combined similarly into protons and neutrons. Thus, matters are born together with their inherent universal gravitation.
The universal gravitation among matters is produced in the competition for the ether space among them. From the quark, the proton, the neutron to the nucleus, all of them have a gravitational field of their own – a gravitational membrane. As the elementary building material of all matters in the universe, the ether is everywhere, and even our bodies are made up of it. An electronic wave is a wave ring connected end to end in the outer orbit of an atom. Unlike the orbit of a planet, this orbit is a distorted ring wave. When this wave is split by an external force, the broken wave ring will break away and run disorderly (photoelectric effect). Only when it is introduced into a new passage can this crazy beast advance into the new passage like a light wave. It is also a segment of quantum wave. Nevertheless, depending on its energy, it has its own name – electric quantum wave.

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