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Units Installation
Installation Instructions
Please refer the installation or moving of air conditioner to professional personnel as needed; any operation made by non-professional personnel may cause losses; we will assume no responsibility for any consequence caused accordingly.
? 用户应提供满足安装和使用要求的电源。电压范围:单相交流电源198~242V 50Hz;三相交流电源342~418V 50Hz。超出此范围将影响空调器正常工作甚至损坏空调器。所以在必要时,请使用稳压设备,以免造成您的损失。
The user shall provide a power supply that meets installation and operation requirements as follows: single-phase AC power supply: 198~242V 50Hz of; 3-phase AC power supply: 342~418V 50Hz. It may affect the normal operation of and even cause damage to the air conditioner if the voltage of power supply used is out of the said range. Please use voltage stabilizing device as necessary to avoid losses.
The air conditioner must be earthed reliably otherwise it may result in electric shock or fire hazard.
Independent circuit must be set for the air conditioner, and leakage protection device with corresponding specification must be installed in the independent circuit.
Never switch on the air conditioner without completing installation and carrying out careful check in advance.
The air duct must be designed and installed in accordance with national design code for HVAC duct.
Power wire, drainage pipe and duct shall be connected correctly otherwise it may result in operating failure of air conditioner, or impaired effect, water leakage, refrigerant leakage, electric shock or even fire hazard after a period of operation.

Connecting Pipe of Refrigerant
See the List of Performance Parameters for the size of connecting pipe.
It shall be vacuumed if the connecting pipe is exposed to the air for over 15s. Generally, do not remove components (including valve, connector, rubber, plastic ring and copper cap) before the tubing for connecting indoor, outdoor units are prepared.

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