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机械 中英

Installation and commissioning of hydraulic system
1. 安装
1. Installation
Prior to installation of the hydraulic station, firstly level the foundation, and dig the embedded pits for the foundation bolts.
2. Commissioning
1) Fill the hydraulic operating oil, in ordinary regions, adopt YB-46 anti-wear hydraulic oil; and in high temperature regions, apply YB-N80 anti-wear hydraulic oil. In those regions with a high temperature difference, adopt the aviation hydraulic oil #10 or #12 which has a good viscosity-temperature coefficient.
2) Inspect all parts of the hydraulic system to confirm the installation is proper and errorless.
3) Fill oil into the oil tank, when the hydraulic pump is full of oil fluid, manually turn the coupling, till there is no bubble in the oil outlet. If the pump is fitted with oil drain port, firstly fill oil in the pump case.
4) Switch on the power supply, start up the motor for hydraulic pump in the inching mode, and inspect if the power wire is connected correctly. Extend the startup time to check if there is abnormal condition under zero load.
5) Exhausting of main oil cylinder: if the machine tool is not in service for a long term, drain the hydraulic oil in the main cylinder into the oil basin, so as to make the accumulated air in the system force the machine tool to creep; when the machine is put into service again, open the air escape cock (as shown in the following figure), the air in both upper and lower chambers of the cylinder will be discharged out of the system through the air escape cock. After several cycles, the air will be emptied. Notice: When broaching, make sure that the air escape cock is closed.
6) During the running of the hydraulic system, pay attention to the condition of oil quality, periodically take a sample to test, in case any defective oil is found, take a cleaning treatment or replace with new oil.

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