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机械 中英

I. Brief description of structure
This machine tool is a light-tonnage horizontal internal broaching machine. It is suitable for broaching medium and small sized parts, such as round hole, square hole, key slot hole, female spline hole, etc. The machine tool is compact in structure and aesthetic in appearance. It mainly consists following parts.
I) Body section
The front end of the body is installed with the face plate and the oil drip pan. In the front part, it is mounted with cooling device for punching, work light, operating buttons for the machine tool; the lower part is the cooler housing fitted with cooling pump and drawer for collecting iron chips. The oil tank is integrated with the machine body, the upper part is hydraulic system and the lower part is the oil storage tank.
II) Hydraulic cylinder
The hydraulic cylinder is placed at the upper half of the rear machine body and is coupled with the machine body by flanges. The piston rod is connected with the slide carriage and drives the slide carriage to work.
III) Slide carriage
The front part of slide carriage is joined with the swaging clamp, the rear part if connected with the piston rod of the cylinder, it moves on the two ball type guide rail of the machine body, so as to drive the broach to work. In one side of the slide carriage, there is limit cam, response to the limit switch, to realize the broaching and returning function of the machine tool.
IV) Tool chuck
It is installed in the front of slide carriage and moves along with the slide carriage, it broaches the work piece through clamping or unclamping the broach. (For specific structure, see the attached Fig.3)

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