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协议 中英

根据《中华人民共和国合同法》的有关规定,经甲、乙双方友好协商,就双方承担 ***设计,达成以下协议:
In accordance with the “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China”, through amicable negotiations, Party A and Party B have entered into the following agreement on ***taken by both parties:
I. Working Contents and Duty Divisions
1. 乙方负责完善建筑专业、室内及景观方案设计,包括提供:平、立、剖、透视及主要技术说明。甲方协助方案设计,联系沟通业主,提供技术的咨询,主持建筑、结构、机电部分扩初设计,负责所有施工图的设计及后期跟进。
1. Party B shall be responsible for consummation of construction, interior decoration and landscape scheme designs, including plans, elevations, profiles, perspectives and main technical descriptions. Party A shall help scheme designs, contact the Owner, provide technical consultations, conduct preliminary designs on construction, structure and the expansion beginning design of electrical part, and manage all construction drawing designs and post-stage followings.

II. Profit Distributions
1. According to the Contract signed with the Contract Awarder, the total design fees are ¥x 0000 Yuan, among which Party A occupies 60%, namely, ¥x 0000 Yuan, and Party B occupies 40%, namely, ¥x 0000 Yuan. Both parties shall issue corresponding invoices to the Contract Awarder and pay relevant taxes.
2. 最终设计费结算按甲方占总设计费的60%,乙方占总设计费的40%的比例进行分配。
2. The final design fees shall be settled with Party A occupying 60% and Party B occupying 40% of total design fees.
3. All salaries, living subsidies, transportation fees, office expenses and relevant taxes of professionals of both Party A and Party B concerning the project shall be borne by the two parties respectively.

III. Miscellaneous
1. 本合同未尽事宜,双方协议订补充协议,与本合同具有同样法律效应。
1. Any supplementary item or condition not covered in the contract shall be agreed by both parties in the supplementary agreement and equally authentic with the Contract.
2. The Contract is signed in quadruplicate, with both parties processing two copies each.

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