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章程 英中



1. References in these Articles to the Act shall mean. The international Business Companies Act, Cap.291. The following Regulations shall constitute the Articles of the Company. In these Articles words and expressions defined in the Act shall have the same meaning and, unless otherwise required by the context, the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa. The masculine shall include the feminine and neuter and references to persons shall include corporations and all legal entities capable of having a legal existence.
1. 本公司细则所参考的法令是国际商业公司法(第291章)。以下规定构成本公司细则。该细则规定的条文用语具有相同含义,除另有规定外,单数字词已包括复数词义,而复数字词亦已包括单数词义。男性字词已包括女性字词和中性字词,提及的人应包括公司和所有合法存在的具有法律能力的实体。

2. The authorised capital of the Company is US$ 50,000 divided into 50,000 shares with a par value of US$1 each, which may be issued as either registered shares or as shares issued to bearer as the directors may by resolution determine.
2. 本公司的法定股本为50,000美元,分为50,000股股份,每股股份价值为1.00美元,经董事会决议,本公司股份可以发行为记名股份或不记名股份。

3. Every person whose name is entered as a member in the share register being the holder of registered shares, and every person who subscribes for shares issued to bearer, shall, without payment, be entitled to a certificate signed by two directors or two officers or by one director and one officer of the Company or under the common seal of the Company with or without the signature of any director or officer of the Company specifying the share or shares held and the par value thereof , provided that in respect of a registered share, or shares, held jointly by several persons the Company shall not be bound to issue more than one certificate, and delivery of a certificate for a share to one of several joint holder shall be sufficient delivery to all.
3. 本公司股东名册内纳入的名字为记名股份的持有人,同意发行该类股份的股份持有人,将无偿获发一个股份证书,该证书由本公司的两名董事或高级职员或一名董事或高级职员签字,或盖有本公司公章,或署有本公司任何董事或高级职员的签名,来详细说明其所持有的股份数量和票面价值,如果几个人联合持有一份记名股份,那么公司无须颁发多个证书,交付给股份联合持有人之一的股份证书应代表其交付给该股份的全部联合持有人。

4. In the case of bearer shares, each certificate for shares issued to bearer shall carry an identifying number, and the Company shall maintain a register of the name and address of an agent or attorney which may be given to the Company by the bearer, identified for this purpose by such identifying number, for service of any notice, information or written statement required to be given to
4. 如果为不记名股份,发给股份持有人的股份证书应配有识别码,本公司对股份持有人提供的代理人或律师的姓名和地址进行登记,通过确认股份证书的识别码来为股东发布有关公司股份的任何通知、信息和书面声明。

5. If a certificate is worn out or lost it may be renewed on production of the worn-out certificate, or on satisfactory proof of its loss together with such indemnity as the directors may reasonably require. Any member receiving a share certificate shall indemnify and hold the Company and its officers harmless from any loss or liability. Which it or they may incur by reason of wrongful or fraudulent use or representation made by any person by virtue of the possession of such certificate.
5. 若其股份证书损坏或遗失,股东可以出具已损坏的股份证书,或足以证明有关股份证书已丢失的证据以及公司董事要求的合理补偿一起申请新的股份证书。

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