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仪表 中英

1.1 盘面安装
1.1 Installation of the instrument panel.
1. 本仪表需要一个92×92mm 的开孔。
1. This instrument needs a hole of 92 x 92mm.
2. 将安装支架从仪表后面推上,直到快速固定卡片卡入仪表两侧的槽中。
2. Press the back of the instrument with the mounting bracket until the quick-fixed card lock the grooves on the two sides of the instrument.
3. 拆卸仪表时,在盘前用胶带暂时将仪表挡好,或在后部抓牢。不要让仪表掉落。向外侧撑开快速固定卡片,抽出仪表即可。
3. When removing the instrument, it is necessary to fix the instrument temporarily with adhesive tapes or hold the back of the instrument firmly in order to prevent the instrument from falling down. Pull the quick-fixed cards outwardly and draw out the instrument.

1.2. 电气连接
1.2. Electrical connection
Caution: The instrument would be permanently damaged if the terminal sockets were not fully open before removal of wiring.
Wiring Procedures
1. 剥去导线端头13~16mm长的绝缘层。
1. Strip 13-16mm of insulating layer at one end of the conductive wire.
2. 用小螺丝刀按下桔黄色的端子杆,打开端子插孔。
2. Press the orange terminal rod with a small screwdriver in order to open the terminal socket.
3. 将裸导线(无绝缘层)插入端子插孔,直至触到底部。
3. Insert the bare conductor (without insulating layer) into the terminal socket until the conductor reaches the bottom of the socket.
4. 松开桔黄色端子杆,卡好导线。向外轻轻地拉导线,确认其良好接触。
4. Release the orange terminal rod and then fix the conductor with clips. Draw the conductor gently so as to ensure that the conductor is well–connected.
Procedures for removal of wiring
1. 用小螺丝刀按下桔黄色的端子杆,打开端子插孔。
1. Press the orange terminal rod with a small screwdriver in order to open the terminal socket.
2. 将导线从完全打开的端子插孔中抽出。
2. Pull out the conductor from the fully open terminal socket.

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