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● 支持1080i、720P高清视频输出 ,使图像更细腻,画面更清晰
● Supporting 1080i, 720P high definition video output and making images finer and pictures clearer
● 专业级电子抗震功能,断电记忆播放功能
● With professional electric shock-proof function and disconnection memory playing function
● USB接口,支持播放USB视频文件
● With USB interface supporting USB video files play
● 支持中文字幕导航
● Supporting Chinese captions navigation
● 支持CD转存MP3,内置多解码数字芯片,预留空间,可供未来新功能,软件智能升级
● Supporting CD unloading MP3, built-in multi-decoding digital chip, reserving space for adding new functions in future, and intelligent upgrade of software
● 精确逐行扫描技术,高清晰影像重播,再现至美画面
● Accurate progressive scanning technology, high definition image rebroadcast, reproducing ultimate beautiful pictures
● 单芯片技术,避免多芯片信号传输损失
● Single-chip technology to avoid multi-chip signal transmission loss
● 具有超强的纠错能力,电脑弹出式菜单设置,人性化的智能操作设计
● With super-strong error-correcting capability, computer popup menu setting, and humanized intelligent operation design
● 高清晰度视频分量端子输出信号,完全避免混合输出时的亮度,色度干扰
● High-definition video component terminal output signals to completely avoid brightness and color disturbance in mixed output
● 27m、10bitD/A视频转换96KHz、24bitD/A音频转换
● 27m, 10bitD/A video conversion and 96KHz, 24bitD/A audio conversion
● 高画质,水平分辩达500线14:3或16:9屏幕画面高宽比自由选择功能、屏幕保护功能
● High picture quality with 500lines of horizontal resolution, 14:3 or 16:9 screen-picture depth-width ratio free selection function and screen protection function
● 电脑记忆播放,设置时间播放,倍速扫描、慢速、逐格、段落重复等多种播放方式
● Computer memory play, and set various broadcast modes such as time play, double frequency scanning, low speed, stop motion, paragraphs repeat, etc
● 多种语言支持功能,DVD碟片支持多达32种语言字幕,8种语言配音、多角度功能,可选择不同观看角度,父母锁功能
● Multilingual support functions, wherein DVD discs support up to 32 language captions, and 8 language dubbings and multi-angle functions, different viewing angles, and parental lock functions

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