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药品类 中英
【药品名称】:【Drug name】:

『虫草多肽胶囊』Cordyceps Polypeptide Capsule


【Main Ingredient】:100% of caterpillar fungus


【Indications】:Invigorate the lung and the kidney, enhance health and building body and delay aging. It is indicated for those persons who are deficient in lung and kidney, weak in vitality and Qi, dizzy and forgetful and of insomnia and low body resistance.


【Usage and Dosage】:Take 1-2 capsules once orally, twice per day.








1. Persons of exogenous pathogens should be cautious for taking this product

2. Children and pregnant women should take this product under the guidance of physicians according to the usage and dosage.

3. Please consult a doctor or a pharmacist for advices before taking this drug.

4. The product is OTC drug. Its efficacy, progress and reaction will vary depending on the individual’s physical conditions and absorption.

5. Use of this product should be forbidden for persons who are allergic to this product.

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