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医学健康 中英

纯天然植物提取,无任何副作用,彻底根除不复发.精选天然名贵中药材昆布,穿山甲,全蝎,橘红,茯芩等多种纯天然植物成份为原料,经现代工艺提取,保存药物精华成份,具有温肺袪痰、活血化瘀等作用。经药理研究表明:健康教练 小叶增生特效喷剂无任何毒副作用,能够调节内分泌及卵巢功能,改善细胞分化、对不同程度的乳腺主质和间质增生有明显抑制作用,在体内对恶变细胞生长建立一种生化障碍,防止健康细胞恶变;并且对正常的乳腺细胞具有激活、滋养作用,有丰乳美乳和预防癌变的功效。是目前最新最为安全有效的高科技产品!

Extracted from natural plants without any side effect, it can completely eliminate diseases without relapse. It contains many rare Chinese medicinal herbs, such as kelp, Chinese pangolin, scorpion, red tangerine peel, poria and other natural plant ingredients as the raw materials which are extracted through modern technology. It preserves the essence ingredients of the drugs and has the effects of warming lung, eliminating phlegm, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Pharmacological study shows that the fitness coach, namely Lobular Hyperplasia Miracle Spray, has no any toxic side effect and can regulate endocrine and ovarian function, improve cell differentiation, and has obvious inhibition on different degree of tissue and interstitial proliferation of breast. It can build a biochemical barrier for growth of malignant cells in the body to prevent healthy cells from canceration. Moreover, it can activate and nourish normal breast cells so as to achieve the efficacies of enlarging and beautifying the breast and preventing
canceration. Therefore, it has been the latest, safest and most effective high-tech product at present!


Ingredients: kelp, Chinese pangolin, scorpion, red tangerine peel, poria.


Spray spraying agent in the bottle directly onto the breast once in the morning and evening, respectively. With each spray, massage breast for one minute, and then spray three times(3 minutes in total) and continue to massage breast in favor of absorption. The energy attach is placed inside the bra and pasted to breast. It is necessary to spray double amount and massage breast before the menstruation with the monthly usage of not less than 150ml, 250 ml for serious patient. After 30 days, the product can eliminate lobular hyperplasia by over 90%.


This product is applicable to such breast diseases as breast hyperplasia,breast cystic hyperplasia , breastlobular hyperplasia , breast fibroma as well as acute and chronic mastitis.

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