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Aluminum silicate composite thermal insulation coating (mortar) is a new type of green inorganic material, a single-composition material package, and non-toxic, harmless, with excellent sound-absorbing, high temperature and water resistance, and freeze-resistant properties. With low shrinkage rate, overall no seam, no formation of cold and hot bridges; stable and reliable quality, good anti-cracking, anti-seismic performance, strong anti-negative wind pressure capability, light weight, good thermal insulation property and good workability, water-holding capacity, strong adhesion, without hollow surface finish. No-sag, no leakage, reduction of construction waste, and A-grade non-combustible materials of combustion performance in the construction; the insulating layer will not crack, fall off, or burn but resist acid, alkali and oil when the temperature is fast cooled or heated within the range from -40 ~ 800 ℃. This product makes up the phenomena of traditional thermal insulation materials of wall body such as large water absorption, easy aging and large shrinkage, low intensity, hollow and cracking, reducing thermal insulation property at the late stage of the products, as well as overcomes the drawbacks of flammable, poor fire retardancy, generation of harmful gas at high temperature, and low weather resistance, large rebound existing in the organic material of polystyrene

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