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文学 中英


No migration in human history is comparable to the massive passenger transport during the spring festival in China.


No critical situation in history of such passenger transport during the spring festival is comparable to the heartbreaking sights due to the severest ice and snow.


When it comes to the beginning of 2008, a blizzard, which rarely occur once in every fifty years, swept across China and our way home was blocked almost immediately. The horn to fight against storm resounded from north to south and the battle to safeguard lives was so solemn heroic and severe.


Often, snow signals romance. In the case of the blizzard of 2008, it was as horrible as a disaster, freezing cold, stranded people and traffic jam followed.


We should never forget the wailing wind and hard hitting snow from north to south;

We should never forget the trail of destruction behind the heavy snow across China;

We should never forget those brothers and sisters trapped on the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, suffering from hunger and cold;

We should never forget the sea of passengers, screaming at each corner on Guangzhou Railway Station; and

We should never forget that such a dangerous event can cause obstacles, obstacles that can fall on a thousand people.

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