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文学剧本 中英

极致奢华 品味尊荣

ltimate Luxury, Taste Dignity and Honor





Heaven and earth, fully occupy the advantages.

People and things, fully show the beauty.

Inner Mongolia in the northern border area of China is fertile and vast. Its 6 large natural grasslands are important production bases for animal husbandry in China but also paradises for goats supplying fine cashmeres.

Among raw materials required by the production of high-class cashmere clothing, cashmere produced in ALPAS region of Inner Mongolia of China, by virtue of its excellent quality, is recognized as the best raw material by the cashmere clothing circle in the world. Moreover, it is also respectively called by the customers in Europe, America and Japan “animal fiber soft gold” and “fiber diamond”.




Display dignity and luxury, show honor and fashion.

Legend Holding Co, Ltd with nearly 50 years’ experience in producing cashmere and wool clothing, of which headquarter is located in Hong Kong, the important financial, service and shipping center in Asia, continues the classic legend of weaving high-class cashmere and wool clothing for ever by relying on its advantage in resources. Its advantage is that its output of high quality cashmere in China accounts for 70% of gross output in the world.

With more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign employees, about 3,000 production equipments, a product R& D and testing group composed by more than 50 Chinese and foreign experts, an annual productivity of manufacturing 5 million various high-class cashmere and wool clothes, 6 branch companies and more than 20 brand clothes special shops in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Canada, America as well as other countries and regions, it is a good model in the circle and continues the dignity and luxury of the brand and quality.

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