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创意灵感 中英

如果鞋子有灵魂的话 相信是经由创意总监的眼睛 设计师的头脑 板师的笔尖与剪刀 鞋匠的小锤与手指 以及穿者的心灵与气质灌注而来

If shoes have soul, it is believed that it is poured out of the eyes of the creative director, the mind of the designer, the pen and the scissors of the pattern maker, the hammer and the fingers of the shoe-maker and the spirit and the temperament of the wearer.


Guangzhou MUX Shoes Co., Ltd., affiliated to Hong Kong Hongmin International Group, is a brand retail company, aiming to developing and operating the global retail market. Relying on powerful background and strength of the Hong Kong Hongmin International Group, it has remarkable product design, research & development ability and is the long-term cooperative partner of many international fashion brands. Committed to pursuing high-quality fashionable shoe trend for the world, it believes in fashion and provides fashionable designs in line with the global trend for urban men and women with delicate taste.


Infuse more attractive charm of youth and fashion into life
The company has undergone growth and expansion in the perspective of diversified operation
The strong cooperation between World-famous Brands

MUX 力求带给中国市场一个全新的鞋包饰品配搭消费理念,一种令每个细胞都充满活力与喜悦的生活方式.在MUX的生活空间里,你会吸入快乐的分子,每件产品都极富青春活力、时尚潮流。MUX珍视每个细节的设计感,更珍视为都市男女提供便捷舒适的一站式服务!彻底转变传统消费观对鞋类的配搭理念,同时达成鞋与包及细节配饰的系列配搭挑选。令每次购物都成为一次时尚潮流元素的加油站

MUX makes great effects to bring a brand-new consumption concept for the Chinese market regarding the matching of shoes, handbags and ornaments and a lifestyle making each cell full of vitality and pleasure. In the living space of MUX, each product is full of youth, vitality, fashion and trend, and you can breathe in pleasant molecules. MUX pays much attention to the design of each detail and lays great emphasis on providing convenient and comfortable one-stop service for urban men and women. It thoroughly changes the traditional consumption view in respect of shoe matching concept, and enables you to achieve perfect matching among shoes, handbags and ornaments, making your shopping become a gas station for fashionable and trendy elements.

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