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企业介绍 英中

It's the small things that make a business successful. A salesperson getting fast and secure access to an application that helps close a deal. A customer getting prompt access to service and support. Applying our long history of IT solutions and innovation, we can help you enhance application availability, safeguard data, and improve your IT infrastructure and productivity while controlling costs.
细节决定成败。销售人员如果能够快速而且安全地访问应用程序,则有助于达成协议。 客户如果能迅速访问服务与支持系统也会提高客户满意度。我公司应用历史悠久的信息科技解决方案与创新系统,可以帮助企业增强应用程序可用性、保护数据、改进企业信息科技基础架构,并提高生产效率,同时控制成本。
With our solutions you can get data into the hands of decision makers and move your business forward regardless of where your employees and customers are. You’ll be able to provide reliable and secure access to remote applications so your teams can access data they need. You can improve customer service by offering business applications that work well. In short, you can make it possible for people to interact with your business
And as a leader in managed IT solutions for many of the world’s largest organizations, we can help you take costs out of your infrastructure by managing your critical business applications at your facilities or in one of our more than 200 data centers.

After a series of acquisitions, a leading global IT service provider for the financial services industry finds itself operating 80 independent business units. The CSO needs to measure and document security across every business unit in order to meet stringent government and industry standards.
一家为金融服务业提供信息科技服务的全球领先供应商,经过一系列购并后,发现自己正在运营80家独立的业务单元。公司CSO 需要检测并记录各个业务单元之间的信息安全水平,以满足严格的政府与行业标准。
So where does he look for a solution to manage security across the enterprise, but also allow the business units to determine their own security needs? Verizon Business implements a Security Management Program, a Partner Security Program, and Vulnerability Management Services. These allow the company to demonstrate standards compliance, as well as produce verifiable reports across all business units.
那么,他要到哪里去寻找一套解决方案,既可以管理整个企业的信息安全,又允许各业务单元确定其自身的信息安全需要呢?Verizon Business 实施一套信息安全管理程序、一套合作伙伴信息安全程序、并提供安全隐患管理服务。利用这些解决方案,公司可以证明其符合标准要求,同时还可以跨越所有业务单元生成能够得到证实的报告。

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