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法律 英中
Article 7. Change in Delivery Date:

Party B shall not deliver the Products later than the Delivery date without prior written consent of PARTY A. If Party B is unable to deliver Products on the Delivery date, Party B shall immediately notify Party A of the reason thereof and the time by which the Delivery shall be made, and shall follow instructions from Party A regarding a revised Delivery date. Party B shall indemnify Party A from and against all damages, losses, claims and expenses of every kind or nature whatsoever arising from or out of Party B's failure to deliver the Products on the designated Delivery date of each Purchase Order. Party A, may from time to time, revise its original Delivery date due to Party B's inability to deliver the Products on the original Delivery date. In such event, Party A reserves the right to make a claim against Party B for any loss, expense or liability arising out of Party B's failure to deliver the Products on the original Delivery date as a result of causes within Party B's control or fault, even if Party A designated a revised Delivery date and Party B has confirmed the revised Delivery date under this Article 6. Party B shall not deliver Products before Delivery Date without the express prior written consent of Party A. Unless expressly agreed in writing between the parties, any partial shipment of Products shall be prohibited.
第七条 交付日期的变更 未经甲方事先书面同意,乙方交付标的产品的日期不得迟于交付日期。若乙方无法在交付日期交付产品,乙方应当立即将原因通知甲方,同时告知甲方交付的日期,并且,乙方应当遵守甲方就变更交付日期所给的指示。若由于乙方未能于任何采购订单所指定的交付日期交付标的产品,由此产生任何性质的损害,损失,索赔或其它开支或支出,则乙方应当承担前述全部责任和损失,保障甲方免于承担前述任何损失或责任。若乙方无法于最初指定的交付日期交付标的产品,甲方可以随时变更该交付日期。在此情况下,若由于乙方能控制的原因或乙方过错,致使乙方无法在最初指定的交付日期交付标的产品,由此导致任何损失,支出或责任,甲方保留权利就此向乙方索赔,即使甲方已按照本协议第六条的规定变更交付日期并且乙方已经确认该变更日期。未经甲方书面明确同意,乙方不得在交付日期之前交付标的产品。乙方不得分批装运标的产品,双方另行明确约定的除外。
Article 8. Packing and Identification:

The Products to be supplied under this agreement, will be furnished in accordance with the following: All Products shall be packaged according to Party A's instruction specified in its purchase specification and such packaging shall satisfactorily meet all standards established for shipment by a sea or air carrier whichever is appropriate. Party B shall label all packing and cartons of Products with such labels and insignia as are requested by Party A. Further, Party A will inform Party B where such labels and insignia are to be affixed.
第八条 包装和识别 本协议项下的标的产品的供应应当按照下列规定执行:所有标的产品必须按照甲方在其采购说明中列明的指示进行包装,包装应当达到海运或空运既定的装运标准。乙方应当按照甲方的要求将标签或标识附着于标的产品,另外,甲方应当将标签或标识的粘贴位置通知乙方。

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